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The LatinCMA is a charitable non profit Organization created by Country Music Professionals and Country Music Lovers. Its main objective is to help promote country music in any language and share it with the world.

The LatinCMA was created in 2009  to promote and advance Latin Country Music around the world. This Organization is looking for artists, producers and people interested in singing and writing country music in the Latin Languages.

The LatinCMA will implement a bridge based on market research, important data access provisions to Donors/Members, global marketing opportunities, interactive platforms, and educational and commercial programs to help educate LATINOS in Country Music.

The LatinCMA represents an open door to the world for all singers, musicians, songwriters, composers, and industry professionals in the support of Country Music in any language.

At a time when technology has opened the world's doors to country music on a large scale, it is time to unite efforts and recognize excellence in those people who have in one way or another contributed to make country music a universal language.  The LatinCMA is a place to rescue the roots of country music; embrace its changes in the Latin Languages, and take the risks of expressing them to the most hidden places in the world.

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